Yoga Workshops Berlin at KALAA

At KALAA Yoga Berlin we offer monthly workshops, open and suitable for all levels. Every month we choose a specific workshop theme or asana focus to deepen and further develop the individual yoga practice. Next to intense asana input, our workshops contain plenty of philosophical stimulation, theoretical information and creative inspiration.
On a regular base we invite international guest teachers who enrich the range of our yoga workshops.

Yoga Workshops at KALAA Yoga Berlin

End of year Yoga Retreat


Between Christmas and New Year we take time to pause, focus and restore. At KALAA we invite you to join an intense yoga experience to free ourselves from old ballast and reconnect with our heart as an anchor in times of change.
The retreat is lead by Irina and Die and consists of three sessions, which can also be booked individually.


Saturday, 30th of December, 11.00 – 1.30pm: KRIYA FLOW
Dynamic and heating Kriya-Flow class with a continuous flow of Asana sequences, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Kriyas (cleansing exercises). We will use the qualities of fire to burn old ballast and mindfully encounter new experiences.

Saturday, 30th of December, 3.00 – 5.30pm: FASCIAE RELEASE YOGA and YOGA NIDRA
Soothing and intense Fasciae Release Yoga and Yoga Nidra class. We will stimulate the connective tissues of the body using small props, manual techniques and Yin Yoga to reduce soreness and stress. Finding deep relaxation we will practice Yoga Nidra, the psychological sleep and cultivate Sankalpa (the inner desire) to reconnect with ourselves.

Sunday, 31st of December, 11.00 – 1.30pm: VINYASA YOGA, MEDITATION and CANDLE LIGHT RITUAL
Heart opening Vinyasa class with meditation and closing ritual with candle light. A warming Vinyasa practice will lead us towards meditation where we tune in with our heart’s desire and manifest it with a fire ritual.

Price for the full retreat: 120 €
Price per session: 45 €
Please book and pay until 23rd of December.

Workshop with ManuKALAA Yoga Berlin

Back to Basics
Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga-for beginners and advancing yogis

Sunday, January 21st, 2.30 – 5pm

January stands for a new beginning, the implementation of new year’s resolutions and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

This workshop invites you to get to know Vinyasa Yoga as a physical practice and learn more about its philosophical background and holistic aspects.

Alongside a theoretical introduction we will take time to engage with the basic techniques and KALAA Yoga Berlinbreath work of Vinyasa Yoga. After warming up the body we will step by step build up the sun salutations, pay attention to the classic standing poses such as warrior, triangle and tree and complete the practice with a short meditation and deep relaxation.

KALAA Yoga BerlinThis workshop is suitable for absolute beginners as well as more advanced yogis who wish to create a strong fundament for their practice. There will be time for questions and explanations, which is usually not facilitated in regular yoga classes.

Price: 35 Euros, please book and pay in advance.



200h KALAA Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Check out our vinyasa yoga teacher training starting in October 2018. More info here.