Yoga Workshops Berlin at KALAA

At KALAA Yoga Berlin we offer monthly workshops, open and suitable for all levels. Every month we choose a specific workshop theme or asana focus to deepen and further develop the individual yoga practice. Next to intense asana input, our workshops contain plenty of philosophical stimulation, theoretical information and creative inspiration.
On a regular base we invite international guest teachers who enrich the range of our yoga workshops.

Yoga Workshops at KALAA Yoga Berlin

AcroYoga workshop for beginners Acro Kalaa Yoga
– Flying can be so easy –
Saturday, 6th of October 2018, 2-4.30pm

AcroYoga combines the mindfulness of yoga with the playfulness of partner acrobatics as well as the relaxing quality of Thai massage.

As ‘base’ (person below) you learn to move safely on your feet. As ‘flyer’ (person on top) you can enjoy the sensation of floating and develop a strong body tone. As ‘spotter’ (assistant) you have the important role of giving hands-on support and ensure safe flights.

The workshop is suitable for absolute beginners as well as for people with previous experience. You can participate with or without a partner.

We will round off the practice with a soothing cool down using elements of Thai massage to prevent potential soreness and tension.

Cost: 35 Euros per workshop, please book and pay in advance.

Stefanie Berndt YogaWorkshop with Stefanie: Hatha Yoga – A foundation of Modern Yoga
Sunday, 21st October 2018, 2 – 5pm

This workshop serves to take a closer look at the origins of modern yoga practise within the Hatha Yoga tradition and to learn more about the holistic life style of the the yogis.

The practise of Asana, Pranayama and meditation as we know it nowadays emerged from pre-existing yoga concepts during the 14th century on the indian subcontinent.

We will dive into the practise of Hatha Yoga which consists out of relaxation- and breathing Stefanie Berndt Yogapractises, sun salutations, excercises for lengthening and strengthening the body and the Rishikesh series and aditionally explore some theoretical and philosophical aspects of yoga. The Rishikesh series of postures starts with inverting the body in head stand, forearm stand and shoulder stand and we will take time to build up the inversion practise and learn some variations. It carries on with forward- and backbends, twists, armbalances and finishes with standing postures. Thus we work from the crown of the head to the feet and by doing so we will experience and understand the energetic effect of that unique order.

The principle of Ha-Tha, Sun and Moon, day and night, up and down, forward and back, inhale and exhale, hold and relax is part of our inherent nature and life rhythm. We can re-connect to those principles with various excercises on the floor, seated and standing upright.

Stefanie’s first yoga teacher introduced her to this series and next to the diverse practise of Vinyasa Yoga she keeps on coming back to this initial practise. The Hatha Yoga practise is a (more or less) fixed series and suitable for self-practise and can motivate your self study.
We will also discuss when it is the right time to practise and how our yoga connects to our life style, nutrition, the cycles of the year and moon.

The workshop is open to everyone and costs 35 Euro. Please register in advance.

200h KALAA Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Check out our vinyasa yoga teacher training starting in October 2018. More info here.