Yoga Workshops Berlin at KALAA

At KALAA Yoga Berlin we offer monthly workshops, open and suitable for all levels. Every month we choose a specific workshop theme or asana focus to deepen and further develop the individual yoga practice. Next to intense asana input, our workshops contain plenty of philosophical stimulation, theoretical information and creative inspiration.
On a regular base we invite international guest teachers who enrich the range of our yoga workshops.

Yoga Workshops at KALAA Yoga Berlin

Workshop with Kyle Roberts
Sunday, Novermber 5th 2017, 2 – 4.30 pm

Ayurveda – The Path of Self Healing

Ayurveda is a timeless approach for cultivating health in body and mind. For thousands of years Ayurveda has used medicinal herbs, meditation, and individualized diets to address issues of human suffering.
This talk will discuss practical methods for using Ayurveda in daily life to improve one’s well-being and sense of self. Kyle will elaborate on special uses of ayurvedic herbs, breathing exercises and personal meditations.
The Workshop is taught in English and all levels are welcome.

Kyle Roberts is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico where under the tutelage of Dr. Vasant Lad he studied the theoretical and clinical aspects of Ayurveda. Before, during, and after his formal ayurvedic training Kyle has studied Jyotish (classical vedic astrology), Ashtanga Yoga, Sanskrit, and herbology, as well as various practices of meditation and pranayama. He has experienced the tradition throughout the United States and in India, working to integrate both eastern and western cultures into digestible forms of practical information.

Price: 35 Euros. Please book and pay in advance.

Acro Yoga

Saturday, October 28th 2017, 2-4.30pm

AcroYoga workshop for beginners – flying  can be so easy

AcroYoga combines the mindfulness of yoga with the playfulness of partner acrobatics as well as the relaxing quality of Thai massage.

As ‘base’ (person below) you learn to move safely on your feet. As ‘flyer’ (person on top) you can enjoy the sensation of floating and develop a strong body tone. As ‘spotter’ (assistant) you have the important role of giving hands-on support and ensure safe flights.

In this workshop we will playfully train basic poses and simple transitions and step by step delve into the world of AcroYoga. We will round off the practice with a soothing cool down using elements of Thai massage to prevent potential soreness and tension.
The workshop is suitable for beginners without prior experience as well as advanced practitioners. It is not necessary to bring a partner.

AY-TT Ina MüllerAY-TT Christian BenderThe teaching team Ina Müller and Christian Bender are trained AcroYoga instructors (Level I Ina has been leading an AcroYoga course at TU Berlin since 2,5 years and is an active member of Akro-polis. Christian runs the Christian Bender Yoga School in Rostock and has been offering an AcroYoga course and Jam since years.


Cost: 35 Euros, please book and pay in advance.

Live Music with Nicolo & Stefanie in selected classes Stefanie Berndt Yoga, Nicolo Zignone Musik
Friday Sep. 29th and Oct. 13th at 7pm as well as Wednesday Oct. 25th at 6.15pm

After their joint workshops in spring and summer, Stefanie and Nicolo will bring their musical collaboration to a number of selected classes this autumn.

In their sessions, clarinet, singing bowls and other instruments will take us through continuously flowing yoga sequences, rhythmic breathing exercises and gentle restorative poses.

During practice we will focus on connecting our movements with the breath and the vibrations of the music. In moments of stillness and meditation we can let the sounds sink in and draw our attention inwards.

A final relaxation and singing bowl massage will round off the workshop and tune us in for an inspiring autumn.

You can participate with your regular passes or just do a drop in.

200h KALAA Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Check out our vinyasa yoga teacher training starting in October 2017. More info here.