Yoga Workshops at KALAA Yoga Berlin

At KALAA Yoga Berlin we offer monthly workshops, open and suitable for all levels. Every month we choose a specific workshop theme or asana focus to deepen and further develop the individual yoga practice. Next to intense asana input, our workshops contain plenty of philosophical stimulation, theoretical information and creative inspiration.
On a regular base we invite international guest teachers who enrich the range of our yoga workshops.

Autumn Workshops

KALAA Yoga Workshop Kristin

Turning Your World Upside Down – Inversions with Kristin

Sunday, 10th Nov, 2.30-5pm

Finding a sense of calm, balance and even gratitude when your world feels upside down is not always easy, in life or in yoga, but it is something we can practice skillfully and mindfully through asana and meditation.

In this workshop, we will warm-up with some juicy vinyasa sequences and then explore the 3 main inversion poses of handstand, forearm stand, and headstand using props and partner work. There will be lots of time for curiosity, and questions, and exploring this poses at a level that feels appropriate for your own body and practice. You do not have to be “advanced” in your practice, but having a base of yoga knowledge is recommended.

KALAA Yoga Kristin TovsonWe will end with breath work and some restorative sequences to recharge our batteries as we contemplate what it means to be thankful for life as it is right now, no matter where we are.

Kristin teaches Vinyasa Yoga at KALAA Yoga since seven years and is known for her experience aswell as her creative and fun approach to yoga class. More info.

The workshop is open to all levels and practitioners with basic yoga knowledge.
Cost: 35 Euro
Please register in advance.

Yin Yoga KALAA Yoga BerlinYin Yoga and meditation with Janine

Sunday, 24th Nov, 2.30-5pm

“Do everything with a mind that lets go. If you let go a little you a will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace. ” ― Ajahn Chah

In Chinese medicine the metal element is related to autumn season and during the workshop we will focus on the supporting aspects of the metal element and the associated meridians of lungs and colon. Autumn is a time of change and we can discover how yoga practice gives us a sense of clarity and understanding when it is time to let go and easily flow through processes of change.

Yin Yoga bei KALAA Yoga BerlinYin Yoga practices stimulate calmness and tranquility for body and mind. We will go through a sequence, where seated and reclined postures are held passively for a couple of minutes. This allows the body to gently open for stretching and strengthening deeply located muscle tissues.

The selected postures concentrate on the respiratory system and the abdominal organs as well as shoulders, chest and arms.

The slow paced, regenerative practice includes breath work and meditation and invites you to release inner tensions as well. You are not trying to change or get rid of any sensations or thoughts, but just let them be.

The workshop is open to all levels and practitioners.
Cost: 35 Euro
Please register in advance.

200h KALAA Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Check out our vinyasa yoga teacher training starting in October 2019. More info here.