Yoga Workshops Berlin at KALAA

At KALAA Yoga Berlin we offer monthly workshops, open and suitable for all levels. Every month we choose a specific workshop theme or asana focus to deepen and further develop the individual yoga practice. Next to intense asana input, our workshops contain plenty of philosophical stimulation, theoretical information and creative inspiration.
On a regular base we invite international guest teachers who enrich the range of our yoga workshops.

Yoga Workshops at KALAA Yoga Berlin

Nature and Yoga – A Yoga Retreat to recharge and deepen the practice
17th – 23rd May 2019, Quinta de Sao Jose dos Montes, Portugal

Daily yoga practice in the morning in the evening.
Kalaa Yoga Retreat
>> Asana, Pranayama (breath work), Dhyana (meditation), introduction to Shatkriyas (cleansing teachniques), Mantra, Kriya, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, relaxation, yoga philosophy, exchange, yogic lifestyle … and much more.

Open level.


17th May – Individual journey to Lisbon. We will meet there in the evening and travel together by bus to our destination.

18th – 22nd May (5 days)
6.30am: Sunrise
7.30 – 8am: Meditation, coming together at the dome
8 – 10am: Yoga practice in the morning
10am: Breakfast / Lunch
1pm: Snacks
11am – 4pm: Free time (Taking walks in the nature, exploring the surrounding, swimmimg in the pool, resting, reading and so on)
4 – 6pm: Yoga practice in the evening
6 – 6.30pm: 108 Mantra Japa
7pm: Dinner
8.30pm: Sunset
9-10pm: Optional time in the dome (Yoga Nidra / Trataka / Meditation / Relaxation)

23rd May – Yoga practice in the morning, breakfast and departure to Lisbon … or individual travel plans.

>> Quinta de Sao Jose dos Montes, 120 km north of Lisbon, nearby the historical town Tomar

” The essence of the Quinta de São José dos Montes is to address our internal and external concerns regarding personal, social, environmental and ecological development through our retreats, workshops and farm activities. We aim to bridge the gap between the human being and nature as well as promoting sustainability.”

Accomodation (in pairs).
>> Yurts (shared bathroom / toilet)
>> 2 holiday apartments for 2 people
>> 1 holiday apartment for 4 people (2 rooms)

Cost (excl. flight).
>> Accomodation, full board with vegetarian food and yoga course included
1) Accomodation in Yurts – 800 € p.P.
2) Accomodation in holiday apartment 4 people – 840 € p.P.
3) Accomodation in holiday apartment 2 people – 860 € p.P.

The number of participants is limited. Please get in touch with us by Email or directly at the yoga studio.
We are looking forward to a new yoga experience with you!
Irina & Stefanie

KALAA Yoga WorkshopGANESHA UPSIDE DOWN – Handstand workshop with Katharina
Sunday, 19th May, 2-5pm

Ganesha is one of the most popular deities of Hinduism. Regarded as a lucky charm he is also considered to be noble, wise, friendly and full of humour. He serves as an inspiration for overcoming obstacles and starting anew and will be our mental support for practicing handstands and inverting the body. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!

 We will start from the basics: First we will warm up and strengthen the body and core, prepare our wrists and hands and learn about the important muscle groups for balancing the weight on our arms and hands.
KALAA Yoga WorkshopUsing the wall, a bolster and blocks for support we can playfully explore the many different ways of approaching this yoga posture. We will also focus on how to catch ourselves, when we are loosing the balance.
The handstand practice energizes the muscles of the arms, shouldergirdle, chest and trunk and is a great tool for strengthening the core muscles of the body. Alongside the physical effects we will also experience the mental balance, discipline, joy and self-trust that is related to the practice of armbalances.
KALAA Yoga KatharinaThe final sequence of the workshop will help us to ground the body and deeply stretch and relax.

Katharina is known for a dynamic teaching style and her sound knowledge of the body.She is passionate about sharing her yogic knowledge and she has got an affinity for the practice of inversions and armbalances.

The workshop is open for all level and costs 35 Euro. Please register in advance.

200h KALAA Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Check out our vinyasa yoga teacher training starting in October 2019. More info here.