Yoga Retreats at KALAA Yoga Berlin

KALAA Yoga Berlin organises Yoga Retreats to deepen the yoga practice, to relax and recharge body, mind and soul.
Since 2013 we annually host a Yoga Retreat at the turn of the year at our beautiful studio in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. The Retreat-sessions have a particular focus or theme around this special time of ending and beginning year, packed in creative and inspiring yoga practices.
Since 2019 we take a one-week Yoga Retreat in Portugal. Surrounded by nature and mountains we immerse into yoga practices and routines, refresh our sights and connect to ourselves and nature.

Embracing 2020
An Ayurveda-inspired New Year Yoga Retreat

30th/31st December
At KALAA Yoga Berlin
With Manu & Stefanie

KALAA Yoga Berlin RetreatAyurveda is ‘the wisdom of life and long living‘ and regards nature as well as human beings as  compounds of different qualities and energies.

In order to feel healthy, happy and vivid, the aspects of Pitta, Kapha and Vata have to be balanced and brought into harmony.

These ideas inspire our New Year Retreat with three energeticly varying sessions and respectively matching drinks from the ayurvedic cuisine.


Monday, 30th December: 10am – 1pm with Manu & Stefanie

We start our yoga retreat with a fresh ginger-orange shot and the powerful Asanas of heros and warriors. In order to create fire and heat we flow through 20 variations of sun salutations and find fortitude and balance on our two feet.

Practicing to balance on one leg, we activate the upper body and strengthen our core. Moreover we raise the body’s temperature with energetic Kriyas and Pranayama. We use the invigorated abdomen to turn upside down and proceed to deep forward folds and cleansing seated twists.


Monday, 30th December: 2.30pm – 5.30pm with Manu

This workshop is dedicated to refuelling and spoiling the body. We delve into the practice of Somatic Yoga – a gentle method working with gliding, flowing and rocking movements. Playing with repetitive floor sequences, we mobilize the joints, refine physical control and symmetrically balance right and left side of the body.

After this profound mobilization we proceed to opening the musculature and connecting tissues with deep stretches and close the session with elements of Thai Yoga Massage and a sip of soothing almond-date milk.


Tuesday, 31st December: 10am – 1pm with Stefanie

Vata stands for filling the body with movement and breath until each cell is activated. With this in mind we flow through an eclectic Asana sequence, which keeps building up continuously and find an ongoing rhythm with the music. Focussing on opening and strengthening the arms and shoulders, working on mobility in the hip joints and activating our ‘inner motors‘ the heart and the lungs, we prepare fpr the Asanas of saints and sages.

The session will be framed by ideas and stimuli of yoga philosophy, leading towards a 20-minute silence meditation to tune into 2020. We will say cheers to the new year with a mango-chia-coconut drink.


Please book at the studio or by Email through the contact sheet.

Full retreat: 110 Euros
Two sessions: 80 Euros
One session: 45 Euros

All sessions can be booked individually or as a package. Those who participate in both sessions on Monday can stay at the yoga studio during the break.

You can purchase gift vouchers for the retreat, the sessions are suitable for experienced yogis as well as intermediate practitioners. Please book and pay in advance.

Yoga and Nature – KALAA Yoga Retreat 2020

25th – 31st May 2020, Tomar dos Montes, PortugalYoga Retreat Portugal 2020Program – Relax and Renew

Daily yoga practice in the mornings and evenings – Asana, Pranayama (breathing), Dhyana (meditation), Introduction to Shatkriyas (cleansing techniques), Mantra, Kriya, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, relaxation, yoga philosophy and talks, self-development and much more.
Everybody is welcome, the practice level is open.

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2020Travel

Individual travel to and from Lisbon, Portugal. We meet all together at the Lisbon Airport and a private bus takes us to our destination in Tomar dos Montes. The bus will also collect us for return travel to Lisbon.


KALAA Yoga Berlin Retreats takes you to Quinta de Sao Jose dos Montes, 120 km north of Lisbon, near the historical town Tomar.
The Quinta is surrounded by a crystal clear lake, fields and forests and is by itself worth taking the trip. The Quinta is maintained on a highly professional standard with a lot of heart, has it’s own ecological farm with fruits, herbs and vegetables, horses, dogs and cats. Here you can find more information about the location.

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2020Accomodation and Food

– Yurts and Tipis for 2 people with a fireplace, shared kitchen/bathroom/toilet
– 2 apartments for 2 people including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room
– 1 apartement for 4 people including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room
– full vegetarian catering, very tasty, fresh and varied

Cost (without flight)

– between 800 € p.P. und 860 € p.P., depending on the choice of accomodation
– price contains 5 days of Yoga Retreat, 6 nights accomodation including full catering, bus travels from and to Lisbon Airport

Ready for a new kind of yoga experience? Relax and Recharge in nature!
Please get in touch with us directly at the studio or send as a message through the contact sheet.