Our workshops and events offer you an opportunity to deepen and intensify your yoga experience. There is time and space for extended asana practice, philosophical stimuli and creative inspiration. During theme based workshops we work towards specific emphases and delve into different yoga methods, anatomy and yogic life style. On a regular base we invite international guest teachers who enrich the scope of our yoga workshops.

In this practice we stimulate the cardiovascular system, flow through dynamic and expansive Asanas and synchronize breath and movement. Finally, we practice somatic sequences and deep stretches.

Samana is the quality of Prana that is directed inwards and moves towards the center of the body. The Vayu is connected to the digestive system and the abdominal organs. In this practice we work with Pranayama, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Udana moves upwards, Apana flows downwards and has a grounding and cleansing effect. The New Year's Eve practice begins with a series of dynamic Kriyas and moves into warming sun salutation sequences.