The name given to our yoga studio stems from Sanskrit and is used in a variety of Indian traditions. KALAA (or KALᾹ) is generally translated as ‘art’, but according to Indian scholars there are other intriguing and complex meanings. KALAA is a concept used to describe a technique or skill of creativity or technology and always implies a process of innovation. A key principle of KALAA is to practice and to deeply study something in order to discover the new and original. In this regard, yoga practice becomes the tool, method or laboratory for personal development and growth.

The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ is a well-known term in current times, which most people have heard of: It means to join, to yoke or to connect and is used to describe manifold practices for body, mind and soul. We often think of yoga as a physical or energetic practice on the yoga mat, but it also includes philosophy, meditation and subtle techniques.

Both founders of KALAA Yoga Berlin feel connected to different art forms, especially performance and dance. Whilst training as professional dancers, Manu and Stefanie have also studied Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Over the years they have naturally developed their own style of yoga practices, based on a creative and eclectic approach. For them, every class is an opportunity to experience movement, the body and the mind anew and to develop curiosity for internal processes. Familiar sequences and Asanas are structured in a creative way and presented from a holistic perspective of yoga.

Since 2011 we have invited several artists to design the interior of our yoga studio. They have created living installations made of bamboo and moss, a headstand graffiti and mural paintings inspired by yogic symbols.

In 2020 we have reworked our logo design in collaboration with graphic artist Uli Ziggel. The color blue has been part of KALAA’s identity since the beginning. It resembles the sky, the oceans and the planet earth; for us it is a symbol of eternity.

The new logo shows two hands in Chin Mudra, drawn in fine lines and forming a circular, connected shape. Some people told us that they felt reminded of bird-like wings.

Every day we use our hands to act, to express, to give and to take. In a yoga class we practice transferring our body weight into our hands or seal our hands in delicate Mudras for concentration and meditation. There are plenty of associations that come to our mind as we look at the new KALAA Yoga logo and we are curious to hear your thoughts and ideas!

KALAA Yoga stands for inspiring yoga classes and a deep, holistic understanding of yoga. Through practice we discover and connect to ourselves, our body, our thoughts and each other again and again. In this way, the skillful practice of yoga becomes an artistic expression.