Yoga class description

Vinyasa Yoga Basic

Dynamic and strengthening practice, suitable for absolute yoga beginners. Particular focus is placed on creating a strong base and learning key yoga poses and connecting breath and movement. The poses are practiced within flowing sequences to continually broaden the capacity of the body. There will be time for slow stretches and relaxation aswell and techniques for breathing and concentration will be introduced.

Vinyasa Yoga Medium

Dynamic and strengthening practice, suitable for yogis with some experience. Focus on more complex poses and movement sequences, precise anatomical alignment as well as conscious tension and relaxation of the body. The poses are practiced within flowing sequences to continually broaden the capacity of the body.
A variety of sun salutation, standing and seated postures form part of the practice, aswell as approaching arm balances, inversions and the more subtle aspects of yoga as found in breath work and meditation.

Power Vinyasa

Stimulating and energetic Vinyasa practice with a particular focus on challenging movement sequences, complex Asanas, balances and inversions. This class is particularly suitable for advanced yogis as it increases the stamina, strengthens the whole body and takes you out of your comfort zone.
In order to rebalance the energy of this heating practice a set of Pranayama, Cooling Down and Meditation are part of the class structure. The advanced practice also includes yogic philosophy, ethics and refining the yoga practice on all levels.

Vinyasa Yoga All Level

Vinyasa Yoga all level classes are customised to serve the needs of a mixed group. Everybody is welcome to join the dynamic practice! Diverse sun salutations, balances, standing and seated postures will be practiced and options and variations will be offered to modify the personal practice. The class will conclude with stretching, cooling down and final relaxation posture.

Deep Flow All Level

Deep Flow is a gently flowing form of Vinyasa Yoga and ideal to wind down and ground the body and mind.  The rhythm of this practice is calmer and the Asana sequences are designed to train the deep musculature and tissue to fully mobilise the body.
Floor work is an essential part of the class and Asanas are held for longer to allow more time and attention for elongating the muscles and opening the joints. Despite the slower pace, the flow of movement remains uninterrupted and the practice has a very deep and intense effect on the system.

Hatha Yoga All Level

Hatha Yoga literally means joining or connecting opposite energies. It traditionally relates to the concept of sun (vigorous, outward energy) and moon (calm, introspection) and strives for physical, energetic and mental balance.
In this practice we consciously work with alternating physical contraction and release, dynamic exercises and stillness. By the means of breath work, meditation and visualization, mental balance will be cultivated. The practice contains heating sequences of sun salutations, inversions and back bends and cooling parts of full body relaxation, hip opening and forward bending.

Yin Yoga Gentle

Yin Yoga is a slow, regenerating yoga method, designed to come down and pause. It stimulates the calming branch of the nervous system, which serves metabolism, regeneration and the buildup of the body’s own reserves.  During the slow paced practice seated and reclined postures are held for three up to ten minutes and the connective tissues of the body are gently opened and stretched out. The support of the floor allows us to let go and experience deep levels of relaxation and clarity.

Yoga for the back and Shoulders Gentle

Yoga for the back and shoulders is an effective method to activate the body and ease accumulated tension. This gentle practice mobilises and strengthens the structures around the spine, releases blockades especially around the neck and shoulders and works the entire system to build a healthy and stable physique.

Restorative Yoga Gentle

Restorative Yoga practice perfectly balances everyday life and is an ideal addition to dynamic yoga or other sports. Throughout this gentle practice the body is repeatedly bedded on soft blankets and props to assist the gradual deepening of Asanas. Tension is released and the system restored to generate new strength and energy. Creative sequences will gently activate and stimulate the body to refresh just before the weekend.

Private Tuition

Private tuition for individuals, couples or groups is designed to meet personal needs, fitness and interests.
Tailor-made sequences and exercises assist the individual process and defined hands-on adjustments help evolving the yoga practice.
Private Tuitions can be arranged by sending an Email or using the contact form.

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