Team at KALAA Yoga Berlin

Stefanie Berndt YogaStefanie

Stefanie is one of the founders of KALAA Yoga and teaches regularly at the studio and within the teacher training programm of the school. She is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has been working within the field of dance, movement, body work and expression her life long. She is interested in concepts that deal holistically with the body, mind and breath to understand ourselves and to live a healthy human life.
Stefanie studied Vinyasa Yoga with Cyndi Lee / OM Yoga and passes on the main principles of Vinyasa Krama as compiled by T. Krishnamarcharya’s lineage. Further Studies with Ishta Yoga in Berlin and her immersion into Hatha Yoga in Kochi/India have inspired her practice.
The classes are based on day by day yoga and experience on the mat, in life, with people. In each class we will do a number of Sun Salutations, explore classical and creative Asana and balance the body system in strength, flexibility and relaxation; all the time staying connected to the breath and to what is going on inside.



Manu started her yoga practice as a professional dancer and choreographer and has now built up over nine years of teaching experience. In her teaching she promotes the art of Vinyasa Krama and has taught at numerous yoga schools in Berlin and worldwide. With a particular affinity for the energizing flow of Vinyasa Yoga and the unison of breath, motion, strength and flexibility, Manu’s classes are highly dynamic with a focus on complex movement, mindfully built sequences and organic transitions between Asanas. Manu also specialises in gentle yoga for the back and shoulders, integral yoga therapy and Thai Yoga Massage.


Kristin TovsonKristin

Kristin accomplished her training at Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga Center in New York and has been teaching Vinyasa yoga since over 13 years in all sort of settings.

Her yoga classes feature great creativity, detailed instructions and precise physical alignment. She teaches with a sense of humor and ease while still challenging students to go deeper into their own practice.


I took my first yoga class at the Life Centre in Notting Hill Gate in 1999 and was hooked from the beginning.
The first five years of my practice I tried many different styles of yoga, then I dedicated myself to the study of Ashtanga yoga from 2003-2011.
I took my first trip to India in 2005 to practice with yoga guru Patthabi Jois at the famous Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. Eight more trips were to follow, to go deeper in my personal practice and experience life in India.
From 2007-2008 I took some ‘time off’ and travelled around the world practicing with senior yoga teachers in Goa, Koh Samui, Berlin and Tokyo.
I have taught yoga in London at Triyoga and Yoga Place from 2008-2013, before moving back to Germany.
My classes are open to everyone, young, old, flexible, not flexible, tall, short… Ask yourself: “which part of this posture can I do”?  and the rest will fall into place.



Janine started practicing yoga more than ten years ago and completed her teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin. Her classes are deeply inspired by her own experience of yoga and transmit the joy and tranquility she has discovered in her practice. In her teaching she aims to combine humor and ease with precise and profound body work.

Next to her main focus on Vinyasa Yoga, she is also interested in sharing the benefits of Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga. Janine also works as an author and writes factual texts for children and teenagers.


Irina DeminaIrina

Irina’s yoga path began in 2005 at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Moscow.
Her dance profession in combination with travelling has enabled her to get to know many different yoga styles, teachers and traditions in other countries, until she accomplished her teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin.
In 2018 she received initiation into the Kriya Yoga tradition of Lahiri Mahasaya by Guruji Shri Shailendra Sharma.

In her classes she likes to encourage people to constantly discover themselves anew, to experience yoga on a personal level and integrate these experiences off the mat. Irina considers her yoga practice a cabinet of wonders, a laboratory and a metaphor of life.



Danielle recently followed her heart to Berlin from San Francisco, where she had been teaching for the past 3 years.  With a passion for music and dance she offers a strong flow, which invokes presence with one’s own body and breath.

She is trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Bhakti flow, and is continuously doing her own self-study on astrology, ayurveda, and other forms of healthy living.
Deeply committed to community building and self-discovery, she hopes her classes leave students feeling inspired & empowered.


Katharina got into yoga a few years ago. From the first second, she got hooked on the dynamic movements, the precise performance of the asanas, the energy, the peace and calmness, the focus and above all the benefits for body and mind.

She wants to share her enthusiasm for smooth, body-conscious movements, syncing breath and movement. Katharina graduated in India twice – one teacher training influenced by Iyengar and one Vinyasa teacher training. Now she combines both of them dynamically in her practice.



Camilla is a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner based in Berlin. Concerned with the notions, meditation and communication, she investigates into practices that emphasize self-reflection
and community; an approach that finds it foundation in her life and work as an artist. Coming from dance/performance art, Camilla has a life-long engagement with body-based
practices. Supported by her dedication to poetic work as a writer, and her experiences as a student of philosophy, Camilla has developed a great curiosity and need for discovering, understanding and speaking the different languages of the body and mind; that be both on a physical and soul level.


Ngone ThiamN’gone

N’gone is a singer, musician and enthusiastic yoga practitioner. On the basis of the physical and mental transformation encouraged by her yoga practice, she decided to embark on a teacher training, which together with a professional apprenticeship, she accomplished at KALAA Yoga Berlin.

N’gone is fascinated by the diversity of Vinyasa yoga and strives to bring creativity into every single class to connect stability (sthira) with lightness (sukham).


Lena ZimmermannLena

Lena’s yoga path began in 2008 whilst studying communication sciences. After many years of deepening her own practice, she developed the needs to share her experiences with others.

In 2016 she accomplished her yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin and is teaching with much joy and dedication ever since.
She hopes her classes enable everyone to discover and unfold their potential on and off the mat.


Leonie KALAA Yoga TeamLeonie

Leonie got in touch with the yoga practice 15 years ago. During her professional training of contemporary dance she studied Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga and learned Pranayama and meditation through the Sivananda Yoga method. Since 2012 her practice focusses on Vinyasa Yoga and she completed a Yoga Teacher Training in that lineage at the Private Yoga Institute Frankfurt. Her classes combine dynamic Vinyasa Yoga sequences and elements of Yin Yoga and are both – challenging and gentle. Her teaching style pays attention to the individual needs of the practitioner aswell as the experience of yoga as a group.


Ximena KALAA Yoga TeamXimena

Ximenas first contact with yoga was back in 2011 when she started practicing Iyengar Yoga. It soon became part of her life. As she began to grow my personal practice, she realized that Yoga was more than precision and alignment emphasis in the asanas, but also about learning and exploring. She fell in love with the flowing movement and coordinated rhythmic breathing of the Vinyasa Yoga method. Getting in touch with yoga philosophy she realized that the things we learn on the yoga mat can be applied to my life off the mat – mindfulness, compassion and self-confidence.
Ximena is a certified 200h yoga teacher, she studied Vinyasa Yoga at KALAA Yoga Berlin and Restorative Yoga studies with Cyndi Lee (Om Yoga Center). Ximena approaches the Vinyasa style as meditation in action based on flow precision and mindfulness; creativity, great attention to detail and joy are always present.


Cátia KALAA YogaCátia

Born and raised in Portugal, Cátia discovered her passion for yoga in Berlin over a decade ago. Her fascination for this life practice and philosophy has not ceased to grow ever since. While working as a language teacher and translator, she has trained in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga in Germany and India. For her, yoga is a way to fully experience oneself in all dimensions of Being by training attention and bringing awareness into every breath. Through postures and practices that aim at releasing tension, building strength and allowing the body to (re-)establish balance, in her classes she hopes to create the space that enables this same individual yet communal experience for others as well.



Rachell is a Berlin based Dance Artist and teacher.  Her curiosity in Yoga came from a search to find a practice that richly supplements the dancing body and since completing her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training at Samyak Yoga School in Kovalam India, Rachell continues to rigorously practice and educate herself.   The combination of both dance and yoga has brought her to a deeper understanding of movement and functionalities of the body, and the power of mobilizing the breath. Rachell is motivated by the connective possibilities of yoga and the community it builds.


Die KrauseDie

Die discovered yoga through her work as a contemporary dancer. She has accomplished a Vinyasa yoga teacher training certified by Yoga Alliance. Her dynamic and creative classes combine movement and stillness within playfull yoga sequences.

Die is a physiotherapy training and fuses her dance and body work experience with anatomical and physiological insight.


Sinja VöllSinja

Sinja has discovered yoga through her work as a contemporary dancer and accomplished her teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin.

With ease and tranquility she teaches varied and dynamic classes, based on a fluent rhythm in connection with conscious breathing.


Claudia Adam_YogaClaudia

Claudia took her yoga teacher training and apprenticeship at KALAA Yoga in 2016/2017. Now she is a freelance yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and also works as an online writer, based in Berlin.

She likes sharing yoga from her own experience and is interested in finding an individual practice and understanding of yoga on and off the mat. Her classes combine challenging sequences with calm movement, some philosophy input and organic flow.



Anna got in touch with yoga while starting her acting studies in 2008. Since then she has developed her practice continuously and completed her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at KALAA Yoga.

She is curious about finding balance between challenge and relaxation during practice and broadening mental and physical limitations. She believes that patience, anatomical precission and commitment to the teachings of yoga will bring forth something new inside ourselves.
Her classes give chance to take some risk and keep moving in our own rhythm without compulsion. The breath and shared practice of the group support our growth on all levels.


Helena StechHelena

Helena started practicing yoga in 2011, while she was training for a half marathon and in search of a more gentle, complementary practice. Initially she studied yoga by herself and out of her general interest in teaching -as a professional German teacher- she decided to join the KALAA yoga teacher training to gain deeper insight in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.
She is interested in the collective experience of the practice and understanding yoga as a omnipresent method, not seperate from our daily lifes.


Anna PAnna P.

Anna experienced yoga early at the age of 18 and fully discovered the practice during her first pregnancy. She completed her first teacher training in Pre- and Postnatal yoga with Patricia Thielemann in 2012. Her deep interest in the flowing sequences of Vinyasa Yoga inspired her to take another teacher training with Kalaa Yoga, focussing on that method.

She enjoys to move from one postures to the next, following the rhythm of her breathing and coming to balance and tranquility. During her classes she aims to give precise instruction and create the framework for experiencing the practice.



Sylvia is an actress, director, theatre pedagogue and has accomplished her yoga teacher training with Cyndi Lee / OM Yoga New York. In her Vinyasa yoga classes Sylvia invites everyone to mindfully respect their own limits and at the same time discover and perceive those limits.

She experiences yoga for herself as a practice with continual stimulation for an ongoing learning process.