Stefanie Berndt

Stefanie Berndt is one of the founders and directors of KALAA Yoga Berlin. She is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has been working within the field of dance, movement and body work throughout her life. Since her studies with Cyndi Lee/OM Yoga and ISHTA Yoga, Stefanie has specialized in Vinyasa yoga and the interweaving of Asana practice with yoga philosophy. As a teacher and practitioner she also embraces Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. Her classes are based on daily self-practice on the mat, in life, with people. You can expect plenty of sun salutations and in-depth exploration of classical and creative Asana and movement.


Manuela Berndt

Manuela Berndt is one of the founders and directors of KALAA Yoga Berlin. She started her yoga practice as a professional dancer and choreographer. She has now built over fifteen years of teaching experience and has taught at numerous yoga schools as well as other settings in Berlin and around the world. With a particular affinity for the energizing flow of Vinyasa yoga and the unison of breath, motion, strength and flexibility, her classes are highly dynamic. They focus on complex movement, mindfully built sequences and organic transitions between Asanas. Manuela also specializes in gentle yoga for the back and shoulders, integral yoga therapy and Thai yoga massage.


Janine Eck

Janine Eck has completed her yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2015. She has been a member of our team ever since. Over the years she has developed a profound self-practice and continuously strives to deepen her knowledge of yoga. Janine’s classes are deeply inspired by her own experience and transmit the joy and tranquility she has discovered in her practice. In her teaching she aims to combine humor and ease with precise and profound body work. Next to her main focus on Vinyasa yoga, she is moreover interested in sharing the benefits of Restorative yoga and Yin yoga. Janine also works as an author and writes factual texts for children and teenagers.


Irina Demina

Irina’s yoga path began in 2005 at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Moscow.
Her dance profession has enabled her to get to know many different yoga styles, teachers and traditions in other countries. In 2016 Irina accomplished her yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin. In 2018 she received initiation into the Kriya yoga tradition of Lahiri Mahasaya by Guruji Shri Shailendra Sharma. Irina considers her yoga practice a cabinet of wonders, a laboratory and a metaphor of life. In her classes she encourages people to constantly discover themselves anew and experience yoga on a personal level.

Michael Kazamias

Michael has accomplished comprehensive trainings in different yoga methods. In 2005 he travelled to India for the first time to study with Pattabhi Jois at Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. Altogether he has spent almost two years in India, delving into the culture and refining his yoga practice. As a yoga teacher he has been working in London, Frankfurt and Berlin. Michael’s yoga style is strong, dynamic and joyful. It is influenced by Ana Forrest with whom he has accomplished an advanced teacher training. Michael finds further inspiration in dance, music and movement. In his classes he aims to transmit the healing, transforming and strengthening aspects of yoga.


Kristin Tovson

Starting from a love of dance and movement, Kristin found yoga over 20 years ago. She is a 500-hours OM Yoga certified teacher and has trained under the guidance of Cyndi Lee. She has been teaching in many varied contexts since 2001, offering public classes, private tuition, workshops and yoga retreats. In her yoga classes Kristin encourages people to be at home in their own bodies, connected to their needs and well-being. Her teaching style is characterized by flowing movement sequences and a balance between setting new challenges and finding moments of calm. Health and mindfulness are always at the centre of Kristin’s approach. See more at www.kristintovson.com.


Katharina Dodel

Katharina discovered yoga a few years ago. From the first second she was fascinated by the powerful movements, the precise alignment of the Asanas, the energy, peace and focus. Katharina has accomplished two teacher trainings in India – at first in the Iyengar method and then in Vinyasa yoga. Now she combines both of them dynamically in her practice. Katharina aims to share her enthusiasm for smooth, body-conscious movement, syncing breath work and athletic challenges. On her blog https://www.wampediboo.de/ she shares impressions of her yoga practice.


Lena Zimmermann

Lena’s yoga path began in 2008 whilst studying communication sciences. After many years of deepening her own practice, she has developed the urge to share her experiences with others. In 2016 she accomplished her yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin followed by a Hatha yoga training and an advanced teacher training in India. Lena has been teaching with much joy and dedication ever since. She strives to enable her students to discover and unfold their potential on and off the mat.

Die Krause

Die Krause

Die has discovered yoga whilst training as a contemporary dancer. She is a physiotherapist and has accomplished her Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Henning Moog. Die’s yoga classes are characterized by her deep interest for movement, anatomy and perception. In her teaching she combines her experience in dance and body work with anatomical and physiological knowledge. Die is moreover drawn to Bhakti yoga and regularly practices Mantra and Kirtan.


Anna Katharina Bertus

Anna discovered yoga in 2008 during her acting training. Since then she has continuously developed her practice and completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2018. She is curious about finding balance between vigor and relaxation and broadening mental and physical limitations. Anna’s classes invite you to take some risk and move in your own rhythm. She believes that patience, anatomical precision and commitment to the teachings of yoga will bring forth something new inside the practitioner.

Clémence Lacheny

Clémence has moved to Berlin to play music and work as a freelance translator. Here she has started to explore yoga practice, which has entirely shifted her view upon herself and the world. Clémence completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training and apprenticeship at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2018. Her classes are both dynamic and holistic. She likes to introduce challenging sequences and always brings some good music, which is her passion as a DJ.


Ines Kaufmann

Ines has discovered yoga during her university studies. Looking for a way to balance the intellectual work, yoga has soon become her passion. Next to the physical changes, she has been observing the positive mental effects of yoga practice. Ines completed her yoga teacher training and apprenticeship at KAALA Yoga Berlin in 2018. In her teaching she stimulates awareness during practice and in daily life. Her yoga classes combine dynamic movement sequences and breath work with longer-held poses and strengthening exercises.

Claudia Adam

Claudia accomplished her Vinyasa yoga teacher training and apprenticeship at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2017. She is a freelance yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and also works as an online writer. Claudia likes sharing yoga from her own experience. She is interested in creating a personal practice and understanding of yoga on and off the mat. In her classes she combines challenging sequences with calm movement and offers insights into yoga philosophy.

Danielle Barnett

In 2017, Danielle followed her heart to Berlin from San Francisco, where she had been teaching yoga for three years.  With a passion for music and dance she offers a strong flow, which invokes presence with one’s own body and breath. She is trained in Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Bhakti flow, and is continuously doing her own self-study on astrology, Ayurveda, and different forms of healthy living. Deeply committed to community building and self-discovery, she hopes her classes leave students feeling inspired and empowered.


N’gone Thiam

N’gone is a singer, musician, author and enthusiastic yoga practitioner. Having experienced physical and mental transformation in her own yoga practice, she has decided to embark on a teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2016. N’gone’s classes are lighthearted and grounded. She is fascinated by the diversity of Vinyasa yoga and strives to bring creativity into every single class.