KALAA Yoga Berlin Team Stefanie Berndt

Stefanie Berndt

Stefanie Berndt is one of the founders and directors of KALAA Yoga Berlin. She is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has been working within the field of dance, movement and body work throughout her life. Since her studies with Cyndi Lee/OM Yoga and ISHTA Yoga, Stefanie has specialized in Vinyasa yoga and the interweaving of Asana practice with yoga philosophy. As a teacher and practitioner she also embraces Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. Her classes are based on daily self-practice on the mat, in life, with people. You can expect plenty of sun salutations and in-depth exploration of classical and creative Asana and movement.

KALAA Yoga Team Manu Berndt

Manuela Berndt

Manuela Berndt is one of the founders and directors of KALAA Yoga Berlin. She started her yoga practice as a professional dancer and choreographer. She has now built over fifteen years of teaching experience and has taught at numerous yoga schools as well as other settings in Berlin and around the world. With a particular affinity for the energizing flow of Vinyasa yoga and the unison of breath, motion, strength and flexibility, her classes are highly dynamic. They focus on complex movement, mindfully built sequences and organic transitions between Asanas. Manuela also specializes in gentle yoga for the back and shoulders, integral yoga therapy and somatic practices.


Janine Eck

Janine Eck has completed her yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2015. She has been a member of our team ever since. Over the years she has developed a profound self-practice and continuously strives to deepen her knowledge of yoga. Janine’s classes are deeply inspired by her own experience and transmit the joy and tranquility she has discovered in her practice. In her teaching she aims to combine humor and ease with precise and profound body work. Next to her main focus on Vinyasa yoga, she is moreover interested in sharing the benefits of Restorative yoga and Yin yoga. Janine also works as an author and writes factual texts for children and teenagers.

KALAA Yoga Berlin Team Kristin Tovson

Kristin Tovson

Starting from a love of dance and movement, Kristin found yoga over 20 years ago. She is a 500-hours OM Yoga certified teacher and has trained under the guidance of Cyndi Lee. She has been teaching in many varied contexts since 2001, offering public classes, private tuition, workshops and yoga retreats. In her yoga classes Kristin encourages people to be at home in their own bodies, connected to their needs and well-being. Her teaching style is characterized by flowing movement sequences and a balance between setting new challenges and finding moments of calm. Health and mindfulness are always at the centre of Kristin’s approach.

Die Krause

Die Krause

Die has discovered yoga whilst training as a contemporary dancer. She is a physiotherapist and has accomplished her Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Henning Moog. Die’s yoga classes are characterized by her deep interest for movement, anatomy and perception. In her teaching she combines her experience in dance and body work with anatomical and physiological knowledge. Die is moreover drawn to Bhakti yoga and regularly practices Mantra and Kirtan.


Katharina Dodel

Katharina discovered yoga a few years ago. From the first second she was fascinated by the powerful movements, the precise alignment of the Asanas, the energy, peace and focus. Katharina has accomplished two teacher trainings in India – at first in the Iyengar method and then in Vinyasa yoga. Now she combines both of them dynamically in her practice. Katharina aims to share her enthusiasm for smooth, body-conscious movement, syncing breath work and athletic challenges.

Danielle Barnett

In 2017, Danielle followed her heart to Berlin from San Francisco, where she had been teaching yoga for three years.  With a passion for music and dance she offers a strong flow, which invokes presence with one’s own body and breath. She is trained in Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Bhakti flow, and is continuously doing her own self-study on astrology, Ayurveda, and different forms of healthy living. Deeply committed to community building and self-discovery, she hopes her classes leave students feeling inspired and empowered.


N’gone Thiam

N’gone is a singer, musician, author and enthusiastic yoga practitioner. Having experienced physical and mental transformation in her own yoga practice, she has decided to embark on a teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2016. N’gone’s classes are lighthearted and grounded. She is fascinated by the diversity of Vinyasa yoga and strives to bring creativity into every single class.

Team KALAA Yoga Berlin Katherine Leung

Katherine Leung

Katherine trained as a dancer in classical ballet and contemporary dance. She grew up in Hong Kong and is of Scottish and Hong Kong Chinese descent. Having worked through the body from a very young age with dance – her curiosity drew her to try more styles of movement and expression. Yoga became one of the most influential and consistent practices which improved not only her expression of dance but also greatly influenced her mind.
She completed her 200-hour Multi Style Yoga teacher training with Living Yoga School from Rishikesh, India. Her aim is to highlight the importance of body awareness by combining her knowledge of both yoga and dance,  to reach goals with persistence and care.

KALAA Team Inga

Inga Tiede

Inga has been a passionate dancer since she could walk. Since KALAA Yoga Berlin opened, her enthusiasm for movement and the interaction of body and mind has been equally absorbed in yoga.
More than ten years of continuous practice culminated in KALAA’s Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2021.
Inga’s practice lives from the embrace of the Self and the intertwining of body and mind. Therefore, holistic aspects of yoga such as pranayama and meditation are part of her teaching. She manages to pick up and inspire newcomers just as much as advanced

Marcelina Drozd KALAA Yoga Berlin

Marcelina Drozd

Marcelina’s journey started with Pilates in 2003. After three years of practicing, she felt something was missing and decided to try out yoga. Since then she has been a dedicated yoga student, diving deep into various practices and yoga philosophy.
Certified in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga forrejuvenation and meditation, Marcelina combines all her experience and creates classes that are challenging, dynamic but also gentle and meditative. She encourages her students to experiment with asanas in search of expressions that work best for their bodies and encourages yogic studies beyond the physical practice by introducing Mudra, Mantra, meditation and the elements of yoga philosophy.

Kit Kuksenok KALAA Yoga

Kit Kuksenok

Kit first encountered yoga in Seattle, and it soon became an essential part of recovering from chronic pain associated with wrist injury. That experience continues to inform their personal yoga practice, and their teaching style, even in vigorous and dynamic sequences. Kit completed their yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2020. Off the mat, they explore the self-study aspect of the path of yoga as a visual artist.

KALAA Team Vera Schwob

Vera Schwob

As a passionate athlete, Vera discovered yoga in 2010. She is particularly fascinated by the unique combination of breath and movement, as well as the profound mindfulness that is transferred into her life through yoga. In 2021, she completed her Vinyasa Yoga training at KALAA and is currently deepening her knowledge through the extensive 300-hour training. At the same time, she is a Reiki practitioner and aspiring alternative practitioner of psychotherapy. In her classes she wants to enable participants to have new experiences with their mind and body and to rediscover themselves in a profound way.

KALAA Yoga Team Muriel

Muriel Cuissard

Muriel discovered yoga in 2013 while recovering from an injury. From that point on she has been swept away by the philosophy and practice of yoga and completed her 200 hours Yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2020. Her background in contemporary dance and ballet inspires her classes that string together dynamic vinyasa sequences and a playful approach to movement and mind. Being passionate about the body-mind connection and exploration, Muriel also works as a body-work practitioner.

KALAA Yoga Team Jasmin

Jasmin Steen

Jasmin is a qualified sports and health trainer and a fitness business administrator. Currently she works as a course trainer and course coordinator. She is passionate about yoga and feels especially at home in Vinyasa Yoga and calmer yoga classes. She completed her yoga training at KALAA Yoga Berlin and has been continuing her education ever since. In her classes she conveys, that yoga is much more than just asana practice, that you can look deep inside and discover
yourself. Through her teaching practice she wants to share a piece of herself and touch the hearts of the participants.
Jasmin also feels very connected to music and is currently discovering playing the hang drum and chanting mantras.

KALAA Yoga Berlin Team Yannou Schlickenrieder

Yannou Schlickenrieder

Yannou’s classes are gentle, flowing and strengthening at the same time. In addition to Patanjali’s eight-limbed path, they also incorporate elements of dance and trauma awareness. In a constant search for empowering and discrimination-sensitive approaches, Yannou teaches a style of yoga that invites us to lovingly connect with ourselves and others. They completed the 500-hour yoga training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2023, teach yoga classes for queers and refugees in addition to the classes at KALAA and gives wellness massages.

KALAA Yoga Berlin Team Ilenia Noto

Ilenia Noto

Ilenia approached yoga for the first time back in 2017 in Italy, and since then never abandoned it. She has always been fascinated by both the calming and energizing power of yoga, and how it applies to every aspect of life, on and off the mat. Therefore she decided to deepen her knowledge and completed her 200-hour teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2023. Her curiosity brings her to explore other styles too, such as aerial yoga, both as a practitioner and teacher herself. She aims to share the transformative power of yoga and to let everyone find their way to self-discovery.

Team KALAA Yoga

Kim-Mailin Weinrich

Kim had her first touches with yoga in her childhood, when her mother practiced a few Asanas or meditated at home. Since 2008, she has been actively engaged in the practice of yoga herself and in 2017, thanks to KALAA Yoga Berlin, she discovered her passion for Vinyasa yoga, which she has been practicing regularly ever since. What Kim likes about Vinyasa yoga is the flowing style, which can be athletic and relaxed at the same time, leaving room for Pranayama, mediation and other holistic techniques. In her classes, she teaches a practice that is grounding and relaxing while also challenging the body. Since her training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2021/22, she has been continuously educating herself, for example in pre- and postnatal yoga, Chakra yoga and gentle forms of yoga.

Team KALAA Yoga Berlin Clara Bolldorf

Clara Bolldorf

Clara found her way to yoga through dancing and Pilates. She feels that Yoga brings together movement, body awareness and mindfulness in the best possible way. Alongside her university studies the practice of yoga and meditation increasingly took up space in her everyday life. The desire to deepen these and to pass on the positive and transformative effects of the practice resulted in a training at KALAA Yoga Berlin in 2021. In her classes she wants to encourage an attentive exploration of one’s own physical possibilities and states of being in constant connection with conscious breathing. She emphasizes clear and powerful asanas, dynamic playful sequences, as well as calm and focused elements.

Tomer Shuva KALAA Yoga Berlin Team

Tomer Shuva

Tomer is a judo and yoga teacher and grew up in Israel; since 2013 he is living in Europe. During his travels to India he got to know different teachers and yoga styles. Since 2013 he has been practicing at KALAA Yoga Berlin and completed his Vinyasa Yoga training in 2019.
His background as a professional judo athlete gives him extensive knowledge about body movement, fitness and nutrition. Together with his profound interest in yoga and meditation and years of practical experience, he brings his own unique touch to the class.

Monika KALAA Yoga Team

Monika Seeliger

Monika fasziniert am Vinyasa Yoga am meisten die Kombination aus festen Abläufen, kreativen Sequenzen, herausfordernden Asanas und die kontinuierliche Verbindung mit der Atmung. Zusätzlich entdeckte Sie vor ein paar Jahren Yin Yoga für sich. Hier ist es vor allem der somatische Aspekt, den Monika am liebsten mag. Um die eigene Praxis zu vertiefen begann Sie 2018 die Ausbildung als Vinyasa Yogalehrerin bei KALAA. Hier entdeckte sie ihre Freude am Unterrichten und hat ihr Wissen noch mit einer Yin Yogaausbildung 2021 in Berlin erweitert. Durch präzise Ansagen, immer wieder neuen Bewegungsabläufen und einer gewissen Ruhe versucht Sie in Ihren Stunden den Schüler*innen Raum für Selbstentdeckung zu geben.

Team Suna Sammüller

Suna Sammüller

As a biologist, Suna is passionate about the human body and likes to explore its capabilities during yoga class. During her 200-hour yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin she specialized on Vinyasa Yoga. Her classes are clearly structured and creative, using the many possibilities the practice offers. She loosens up her classes not only with unexpected elements and transitions, but also with her cheerful mentality. Suna designs her classes the way she herself prefers to practice yoga: breath-focused, playful and balanced.


Irina Demina

Irina’s yoga path began in 2005 at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Moscow.
Her dance profession has enabled her to get to know many different yoga styles, teachers and traditions in other countries. In 2016 Irina accomplished her yoga teacher training at KALAA Yoga Berlin. In 2018 she received initiation into the Kriya yoga tradition of Lahiri Mahasaya by Guruji Shri Shailendra Sharma. Irina considers her yoga practice a cabinet of wonders, a laboratory and a metaphor of life. In her classes she encourages people to constantly discover themselves anew and experience yoga on a personal level.