Vitality and support in a very special time

In April, Manu will launch a class for yoga and movement during pregnancy for the first time at KALAA Yoga Berlin. It will start on 6/4 and take place every Thursday from 11-12am.
During pregnancy, the body builds resources and needs strengthening and opening, as well as release and relaxation. The Prenatal yoga practice is tailored to the physical changes that occur during the different trimesters and focuses on physical activation as well as alleviating pregnancy discomforts, breath awareness and birth preparation.
The weekly class provides space for sharing and valuable time to pay attention to yourself and connect with your baby. You can join at any time with no prior yoga experience.

Exciting processes and big changes

Pregnancy is an amazing phase of life that brings a lot of change, joy and transition.
Far too often I observe how difficult it is for women to open up to this time with all its accompanying symptoms. That is why in yoga practice I try to encourage them to let go of the idea of going on as before and to surrender calmly to the physical and mental changes. This stage of life is unique and it is much more beautiful to consciously go through the different trimesters of pregnancy with healthy intuition, self-care and loving acceptance.

Mobilization, opening, support and prevention

In Prenatal practice, we use somatic exercise sequences to bring movement to the pelvis and hip joints, straighten the spine, strengthen the entire upper body, and loosen the shoulders and neck.
Powerful yoga Asanas activate arms and legs, create width and space in the chest, and prevent lower back pain.

Inner peace and balance

With supported postures, we invite the body and mind to relax and promote regeneration in case of fatigue and exhaustion.
Specific exercises can help relieve pregnancy discomfort such as heartburn or ease leg congestion and varicose veins.

More than just birth preparation

Deep and conscious breathing plays a particularly important role in pregnancy yoga. Not only does it stimulate increased oxygen intake, but it also trains the birthing process with specific breathing and labor exercises.
Cultivating a regular exercise routine during pregnancy also promotes the long-term building of inner strength and resilience for the postpartum period. With a special focus on activating the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, we already lay the foundation for postpartum recovery in Prenatal yoga.