Around our 10th anniversary on 3rd September 2021, we will celebrate the many different facets of KALAA Yoga Berlin with a series of 10 workshops. After an extremely tense year, this will be our way of looking ahead and indulge in what we do best.

There is only a small amount of places for each workshop at the studio since our current trainees will take part as well. So please don’t wait too long and book your spots to be part of this eventfull KALAA yoga month. All workshops can also be joined online.

10 KALAA Yoga Workshops 20th August – 12th September 2021

WS Drills for Skills

Friday, 20th August: 14.00 –17.00 with Stefanie
Drills for skills – Techniques and training for arm balances

This workshop is for everyone who enjoys physical challenges and wishes to build up body awareness and confidence for arm balances. We will explore different movement sequences, learn tricks to balance on our hands and strengthen arms, legs and the abdomen.

WS Fliegen

Sunday, 22nd August: 14.00 – 17.00 with Stefanie
Bird Poses – Finding ease and buoyancy

Many yoga asanas are named after bird creatures for a reason, because they play with balance and gravity. Crow, eagle, peacock and pigeon are majestic, manifold and challenging. In this workshop we will particularly focus on shoulder opening to spread our wings and balance on one leg and on our arms.

WS Anatomie

Friday, 27th August: 14.00 –17.00 with Die
Applied anatomy for your yoga practice

In this workshop we will study the fascia, which traverses the body like a network of tension. We will explore the connection of the sole of the foot with the scalp and get to know the arches of the feet and the leg spiral in correlation with the pelvic floor. We will take this into practice and establish a dynamic foundation for standing poses and balances.

WS Atem

Sunday, 29th August: 10.30 –13.00 with Stefanie
Introduction and deepening of Pranayama practice

The practice of Pranayama energizes us physically as well as mentally. In this workshop we will observe the breath from an anatomical and a yogic angle. We will learn to loosen breathing patterns and blockages in order to freely unfold the breath and mindfully use our respiratory muscles. We will repeat and consolidate the basics to gradually further develop our Pranayama practice.

WS Core

Friday, 3rd September: 14.00 –17.00 with Manu
The core – Centre of inner strength and confidence

The core – Centre of inner strength and confidence
In this workshop we study the anatomy of the abdomen and focus on working with the Psoas, the so-called soul muscle. With twists, back bends, forward folds as well as Pranayama and Chakra meditation, we immerse deeply into the organic and energetic layers of the core.

WS Yin Yang

Friday, 3rd September: 18.00-20.00
Anniversary workshop with Manu and Stefanie
Yin and Yang yoga practice

The qualities of Yin and Yang combine the approaches our work at KALAA Yoga Berlin has been based on for the past 10 years: Warmth, strength and light as well as softness, care and surrender. The balance between Yin and Yang creates a healthy yoga practice, in which we don’t only pay attention to the body but also get to our heart.

After our anniversary workshop we will drink a toast to 10 years of KALAA Yoga Berlin.

WS Kristin

Sunday, 5th September: 14.00 –17.00 with Kristin
Slowing down the practice: Gentle techniques, Restorative yoga, Meditation

Gentle yoga techniques help us balance our daily routine and can be an addition to dynamic yoga or other sports. Slow movement sequences alternate with moments of silence, where the body is placed in restorative poses. Using various yoga props, we support the body to relax and let go. With meditation and breathing techniques we stimulate internal reflection and release tension physically and mentally.

WS Out of the box

Friday, 10th September: 14.00 –17.00 with Katharina
Yoga outside the box – Move, play, invert, challenge

In this workshop we will amplify our imagination of what yoga can be. We will play with different movement qualities, gravity, inversions and challenging sequences, which even push the boundaries of the yoga mat.

WS Körper als Tempel

Sunday, 12th September: 10.00 –12.30 with Stefanie
The body as a temple – Yoga as a holistic system

Yoga implies a holistic approach, ranging from dynamic Kriyas to the silence of meditation. We will experience this notion using the example of the Koshas and tap into different yogic concepts and symbols. We will practice how to set energy locks (Mudra, Bandha) in Asana practice and heighten our inner vibration with Pranayama and Mantra.

WS Yin Yoga

Sunday, 12th September: 14.00 –17.00 with Janine
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow, regenerating yoga method. It invites us to ease down and pause.This practice stimulates the calming branch of the nervous system, which serves metabolism, regeneration and resilience. The body is guided into seated and reclined poses, which are held for three to ten minutes. The connective tissues (fascia) are gently opened and elongated. The support of the floor allows you to let go and experience deep levels of relaxation and clarity.