Here we answer some typical questions about the yoga studio.

Which styles of yoga do you teach at KALAA Yoga Berlin?2023-03-28T16:12:09+02:00

We practice Vinyasa yoga as a dynamic and holistic yoga method. Throughout the class the whole body gets activated by a mix of strengthening flows, creative sets of movement and moments of relaxation. We pay attention to physical alignment and focus on anchoring the mind. The breath is our constant guide, taking us from one pose to another.

We also practice Hatha yoga and gentle yoga methods. Hatha yoga is a traditional form of yoga with a specific set of poses and breathing exercises. We fuse this ancient practice with a contemporary approach.

Further yoga styles at KALAA Yoga Berlin:
Yoga for the back & shoulders
Gentle flow & relaxation
Deep Stretches & Somatics
Yin yoga
Yin & Yang yoga
Deep flow
Strength & mobility flow
Prenatal yoga for pregnancy

I have already tried a few yoga classes, but “I am not an expert”. Which classes are suitable for me?2020-08-15T15:40:10+02:00

You can come to our all level classes. These are dynamic Vinyasa yoga classes, designed for mixed groups. You can also try Hatha yoga or yoga for the back & shoulders.

The Vinyasa yoga level I-II classes focus on learning Asanas (yoga poses) step by step.

Click here to learn more about our available classes.

I enjoy dynamic and challenging yoga classes. Which class suits me?2020-08-14T12:39:35+02:00

If you are already practicing on a regular base, you can try the Vinyasa yoga level II-III classes. Here we practice powerful flows and transitions, tackle some arm balances, inversions and further advanced practices.

The yoga classes in the morning and at noon are also highly energetic and activating.

I am looking for a class, which is less of a work-out and more focused on relaxation. I had an injury and want to take gentle yoga classes. Which classes are suitable for me?2023-03-28T16:04:44+02:00

Yoga for the back & shoulders, Gentle flow & relaxation and Deep Stretches & Somatics take a slow approach towards working with the body. We move through fluent sequences and stretches to mobilize the body and find balance of physical strength and flexibility.

We focus on movements of the spine to find an upright posture and practice concentration, meditation and relaxation.

Both courses are suitable during pregnancy and after an injury.

Do I have to register in advance?2023-03-28T15:59:44+02:00

Yes, please register for your yoga class through our class schedule. There are two options for participation: come to our yoga studio or take part online.

1)  Participation at the yoga studio / yoga garden

Please register through our class schedule up to one hour before the class begins. Some classes are booked up quickly and it is recommended to book about 5-6 hours in advance. We please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts, so that you have enough time to get to get oriented.

2) Online yoga

Livestream participation works via Zoom. Please register via our class schedule up to about 30 minutes before class. If you use our booking system you will find the access link in your Eversports account 15 minutes before the class starts. Alternatively we can also send it to you by e-mail.

What shall I bring along?2020-08-14T12:41:39+02:00

At the yoga studio we provide yoga mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters and belts. The use is free of charge. You only need to bring comfortable clothes. For regular yoga practice we recommend to bring your own mat, which can be stored at the yoga studio.

How much does a monthly membership cost?2023-03-28T15:54:36+02:00

On your first visit you can benefit from our introductory offer. For only 55 Euros you can attend as many classes as you like for one month.

Besides different block cards, we offer two types of KALAA Yoga Memberships: The Easy Membership for 45 Euros per month and the Unlimited Membership for 65 Euros per month. With the Easy Membership you can attend 5 classes per month at the studio or online and
get an additional 10% discount on workshops and private classes. With the Unlimited Membership the name speaks for itself and the discount increases to 20%.

You can easily sign up for a membership on our website.

How do I get to the yoga studio?2020-08-14T12:42:55+02:00

You can reach the yoga studio by walking, cycling or using the public transport. The nearest stops are S/U Schönhauser Allee, S Prenzlauer Allee, U Eberswalder Str. and Tram Raumer Str.

Are there any parking lots near KALAA Yoga Berlin?2020-08-14T12:43:26+02:00

Pay and display parking is available in the area. Sometimes it takes a while to find a free parking space.

Can I use online yoga passes for classes at the yoga studio?2020-08-14T12:43:52+02:00

No, they are only valid for online classes. The yoga studio passes can be used for all classes.

Are class passes transferable?2020-08-14T12:44:21+02:00
No, none of our class passes are transferable. They are all personal.
I am pregnant; can I come to yoga class?2023-03-28T15:49:33+02:00

As in all yoga classes you practice on your own responsibility. Please check with your gynecologist whether there are any contraindications to take up yoga practice. Please inform us before class and we will make sure to support you adequately.

If you haven’t been practicing yoga regularly before your pregnancy, we recommend the following classes for you: Yoga for back & shoulders and Gentle flow & relaxation. We offer a specific prenatal class, thursdays 11-12am.

If you have any further questions, please let us know and send us a message.

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