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MANTRA MUDRA MAUNA – powerful start into the new year

Sunday, January 28 / 3.00 – 5.00 pm with Stefanie

This workshop is dedicated to the words and sounds of well-known Mantras from the yogic tradition. With light movements and accessible techniques for the breath, voice and diaphragm, we will warm up for mantra practice.

We get to know powerful and energetic mantras and also practice quietly sung, hummed or whispered Mantras that lead us to breathing and inner contemplation.

We focus the energy built up by singing and reciting together with the help of selected hand Mudras. In the course of the practice, there are always moments of relaxation and meditation to experience Mauna, the stillness.

The holistic practice is open to all levels and focuses on yoga techniques that are rarely practiced in 60-minute yoga classes. The techniques and their effects are explained in detail and can deepen and expand your own practice.


Participation is possible in the studio and online. There is a reduced price with your KALAA membership. Please register in advance.

Participation in the studio 45 Euro
(40 euros with Easy Membership, 36 euros with Unlimited Membership)

Participation online via Zoom 35 Euro
(32 Euro with Easy Membership, 28 Euro with Unlimited Membership)

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