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BE IN THE FLOW – Into spring with yin yoga

Sunday, March 24, 2024, 3.00 – 5.00 pm with Janine

With a flowing Yin Yoga practice, we create a conscious transition from winter to spring. In the Yin Flow, we move continuously from one posture to the next and only feel at the end. We flow from Yin to Yang, i.e. from lying to seated positions and to squatting and standing postures.

The themes of spring and wood time are new beginnings, growth, development and flexibility. The liver and gallbladder meridians are the physical equivalent of the wood element. These lead us to postures that address and activate the sides of the body, the inside of the legs and the entire front of the body.

The practice is suitable for all Yin Yoga lovers and anyone curious to get to know a different approach to the practice.

Die Praxis eignet sich für alle Yin Yoga Liebhaber*innen und alle Neugierige, die Lust haben einen anderen Praxisansatz kennenzulernen.


Participation is possible in the studio and online. With the KALAA Memberships there is a reduced price. Please register in advance.

Participation in the studio 45 Euro
(40 Euro with Easy Membership, 36 Euro with Unlimited Membership)

Paticipation online via Zoom 35 Euro
(32 Euro with Easy Membership, 28 Euro with Unlimited Membership)

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