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BEGINNER’S MIND Your yoga foundation for 2024

Sunday, February 25, 2024, 3.00 – 5.30 pm with Manu

Under the motto Back to Basics, this workshop invites you to deepen the Vinyasa yoga method as a physical practice and learn more about the about the philosophical background and holistic aspects.

In addition to a theoretical introduction, we will take time to explore various movement techniques and breath work in detail. After warming up the body, we build up the sun salutations step by step, practice the classic standing poses such as warrior, triangle and tree and conclude the practice with a short meditation and deep relaxation.

This workshop is suitable for yoga beginners as well as advanced practitioners, who want to build a solid foundation for their yoga practice from the ground up. There will be time for questions and explanations, which often don’t get enough space in regular classes and Manu will guide you with hands-on assists to help you internalize the alignment of the asanas and dynamic sequences physically.


Participation is possible in the studio and online. There is a reduced price with your KALAA membership. Please register in advance.

Participation in the studio 45 Euros
(40 Euro with Easy Membership, 36 Euro with Unlimited Membership)

Participation online via Zoom 35 Euro
(32 Euro with Easy Membership, 28 Euro with Unlimited Membership)

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