Easter Specials at KALAA Yoga Berlin

This year’s Easter classes are dedicated to balancing the energies of Yin and Yang.

The qualities of Yin and Yang combine warmth, strength andlight as well as gentleness, compassion and letting go. Each Easter class approaches these ideas in a different way:

With somatic exercises and powerful standing postures, focuson Pranayama and breath awareness, or dynamic Vinyasa yoga sequences alternating with relaxing and supportive postures.

The balance between Yin and Yang creates a healthy yoga practice, where we reach not only into our bodies, but also into our hearts.

Easter Special Dates

Good Friday, 7/4, 11.00-12:15 with Manu

Suppleness in the hip joints and stability in the pelvis

Saturday, 8/4, 10.00-11.15 with Kristin (in English)

Spring renewal – Every breath is a chance for a new beginning

Easter Monday, 10/4, 18.15-19.30 with Inga

Held in the arms and held on the ground

Regular classes on Good Friday and Easter Monday are cancelled. The yoga studio will be closed on Easter Sunday.

The Easter classes are suitable for all levels and can beattended with prior registration at the studio or online. You can use your passes, memberships or a drop in – We look forward to practicing together!

Happy Easter! Your team at KALAA Yoga Berlin