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Relaxed and regenerated for the winter
Yin Yoga and Mantra Workshop with Stefanie & Nicolo

Sunday, 26th November 2017, 3 – 5.30 pm

We will work with the Tha or Yin principle, which stands for balance, harmony, calm and regeneration of our inner strength.

We invite everyone who is interested in the holistic approaches of yoga, Pranayama and meditation, who enjoys music or just wants to experience a new and creative way of practicing. No prior experience required.

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End of year Yoga Retreat December 30

Between Christmas and New Year we take time to pause, focus and restore. At KALAA we invite you to join an intense yoga experience to free ourselves from old ballast and reconnect with our heart as an anchor in times of change. The retreat is lead by Irina and Die and consists of three sessions, which can also be booked individually.

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